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I Forgot my Cash App Card Pin [SOLVED]

I Forgot my Cash App Card Pin
I forgot my cash app pin while Using Square application – Cash App you have certain security features in your application to secure you the one and main is cash pin, cash pin is used to unlock your cash app application as it has all your banking connected also it is used in the last to initiate the transaction. If you don’t use cash application much but you use cash card then also you won’t be able to use the cash card as again you will be needing the cash pin to activate your cash card.

Here are some steps to reset cash app pin as follows.
Open your Cash App Home ScreenClick on the profile icon.Scroll down and select Privacy and Security.There will an option to change the Cash Pin select that.If you don’t remember the pin select Forget Cash PinThen you will get the verification code on your PhoneAfter code you need to verify your identity by Last 4 digits of your SSN.After verifying the identity change the Pin.The last step is to confirm the new Pin.Apple d…